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Recent Accomplishments

Brett Aiello

Brett Aiello, Integrative Biology, won the division of comparative biomechanics' best student talk award at the 2015 Society of Integrative and Comparative Biology Annual Meeting for his talk titled "Pectoral fin proprioception is tuned to fin mechanics." His advisor is Dr. Melina Hale.



Philip Hsu

Phillip Hsu, first-year student in the Interdisciplinary Scientist Training Program, along with his Pritzker colleagues Lukas Matern and Sooyoung Lim, won a grant from the National Hepatitis Project of APAMSA (Asian Pacific American Medical Students Association), to hold a Hepatitis B screening for residents in Chicago's Chinatown and Bridgeport neighborhoods.



Courtney Orsbon

Courtney Orsbon, Integrative Biology, won a Short-term Visiting Scholarship for Summer 2014 from the American Association of Anatomists to learn more about using biplanar fluoroscopy to study muscle physiology. Her advisor is Dr. Callum Ross.



Daniel Rabe

Daniel Rabe, Cancer Biology, was invited to speak at the Keystone Symposia: Dendritic Cells and Macrophages Reuinted in Montreal, as well as awarded an Elkes Foundation Scholarship by Keystone to attend the meeting. His advisor is Dr. Marsha Rosner.



Adrian Sanchez

Adrian Sanchez, Medical Physics, received an NRSA F31 award from the NIH (NIBIB), for his project titled "SPARSE-VIEW C-ARM CONE-BEAM CT FOR GUIDANCE OF BRAIN ANEURYSM COILING." His advisor is Dr. Xiaochuan Pan.



Lena Thomer

Lena Thomer, Microbiology, received an American Heart Association Predoctoral Fellowship, beginning in 2014. Her advisor is Dr. Olaf Schneewind




Ben Winger

Ben Winger, Evolutionary Biology, was awarded a three-year postdoctoral fellowship in the University of Michigan Society of Fellows. His advisor is Dr. John Bates.




Lu Yao

Lu Yao, Evolutionary Biology, was awarded a one-year Women-in-Science Graduate Fellowship from the Field Museum of Natural History. Her advisor is Dr. Robert Martin.




Awards and Fellowships

Anya Bershad

Anya Bershad (Interdisciplinary Scientist Training Program) has received an ARCS Foundation Scholar Award (Pritzker). Her advisor is Dr. Harriet de Wit.




Lauren Blake

Lauren Blake (Human Genetics) received a 2015 Raymond W. Sarber Award from the American Society for Microbiology, which will be presented at the ASM General Meeting Awards Banquent on Sunday, May 17, 2015 in New Orleans. Her advisor is Dr. Anna Di Rienzo.




Benjamin Blanchard

Benjamin Blanchard, a first-year student in Evolutionary Biology, received an NSF-East Asia and Pacific Summer Institutes (EAPSI) grant to travel to China for his research on ants.




Nathan Buerkle

Nathan Buerkle (Neurobiology) received an NSF-East Asia and Pacific Summer Institutes (EAPSI) grant to spent the summer in Michiyo Kinoshita's lab at Sokendai (the Graduate University for Advanced Studies in Hayama, Japan). His advisor is Dr. Stephanie Palmer.



Marcelo Coca Perraillon

Marcelo Coca Perraillon(Health Studies) was awarded the Lee B. Lusted Student Prize award for Preference Assessment for his project "Predicting the EQ-5D Preference Index from the SF-12 Health Survey in a National US Sample: a Finite Mixture Approach." The Lee B. Lusted Student Prize award is given yearly for original research in medical decision making. His adviser is Dr. R. Tamara Konetzka.


Kate Criswell

Kate Criswell (Integrative Biology) received a NSF DDIG fellowship for her dissertation work, "Independent evolution and ancestral conditions in the gnathostome axial column." Her advisor is Dr. Michael Coates.



Natalia Gonzales

Natalia Gonzales (Human Genetics) received a travel fellowship from the International Mammalian Genome Society to attend the 28th International Mammalian Genome Conference (IMGC) in Bar Harbor, ME. While attending, she won an award for outstanding poster presentation. Her advisor is Dr. Abraham Palmer.



Sara Jackrel

Sara Jackrel (Ecology and Evolution) was awarded an ARCS Foundation Scholar Award (BSD). Her advisor is Dr. J. Timothy Wootton.




David Koren

David Koren (Interdisciplinary Scientist Training Program) has been selected as a recipient of the Roche/ARCS Foundation Scholar Award in Life Sciences (Pritzker). His advisor is Dr. Wei Wei.





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