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Many scientists find beauty in their work, motivating them through long hours in the lab. Graduate school in particular involves spending a lot of time at the microscope, scanning data, and doing hands on work with model organisms. Students, therefore, experience the beauty of science first hand but often don't get the opportunity to share images that won't be published as figures for an article.

Art by Kyler Brown
(Computational Neuroscience - Margoliash Lab)

Adam Brown

That's why Adam Brown, a neuroscience student at the University of Chicago, came up with an idea that would allow students to share images from their graduate work. Together with the BSD and IME, he is helping to organize a science themed art exhibit that will go on display May 8th as part of a division wide event. "The art show will feature students' efforts to capture the beauty of their work without being scientific per se," says Adam. "Producing publication quality figures is constraining so students appreciate opportunities like this to really be creative and see their work in a new way."

The idea for the exhibit began when Adam decided to make a slideshow of neuro-themed art for a departmental recruitment event. The slideshow's success encouraged Adam to set up a print exhibit which developed into a BSD-wide event. The organizers received submissions from students across all BSD programs. "We've had a great response," says Adam.

    Photo by Adam Brown (Computational Neuroscience - Biron lab)

The work will be presented the evening of May 8th in the KCBD lobby as a social event between the BSD and the IME departments. Attendees will enjoy wine and cheese as they contemplate the art of science.

-Samantha Thomas, graduate student, Interdisciplinary Scientist Training Program

Art by Adam Brown
(Computational Neuroscience - Biron Lab)


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