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Modern genetics confirm ancient relations between fins and hands

Andrew Gehrke and his lab mates have finally been able to document the evolutionary adaptations necessary for ancient lobe-finned fish to transform pectoral fins used underwater into strong, bony structures.

The research, recently published on PNAS, has received vast media coverage: Andrew has been quoted in The Washington Post and interviewed by NPR's Joe Palca for Joe's Big Idea.

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Autopod-building genetic switches

Midstates Symposium, November 7-8, 2014

Over 100 students and faculty convened to Chicago from around the Midwest in occasion of the 2014 Undergraduate Research Symposium of the Midstates Consortium for Math and Science.

On Friday night, the partecipants enjoyed a mexican buffet-style dinner in the ballroom of the Holiday Inn Downtown Chicago. Dinner was followed by two lectures by key note speakers Cathryn Nagler (UChicago Bunning Food Allergy Professor ), and Phoebe Lostroh (Colorado College professor of Molecular Biology and 2014 Janet Andersen Award Winner).

Saturday events took place in BSLC: research talks and posted presentations by the students were interspersed by occasions to mingle with fellow students, graduate students and faculty during breaks. Two panels occured after lunch, one about graduate school (lead by a panel of current graduate students) and one on careers at liberal arts institutions.

The meeting closed at 5 with final remarks by Elizabeth Grove, professor of Neuroscience and Midstates representative for our university.

Midstates 2014

myCHOICE kickoff, October 13-17, 2014

Our new myChoice program, supported by the NIH Best Award, was launched with a series of exciting talks, such us:

Joseph Moskal, Adventures in Academic Entrepreneurship and Drug Discovery

Philip Clifford, What Got You Here Won't Get You There

Kelly LeMarco, Connie Lee, Fabiola Rivas, Science Communication: From the Front

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DISCOVER UCHICAGO October 9-11, 2014

For the first time, prospectives students from traditionally underrepresented populations were offered an expenses-paid opportunity to explore graduate education in the Biological Sciences Division (BSD), and visit our beutiful city and campus. The partecipants, who applied in the summer and were selected by BSD faculty, experienced a weekend of graduate admissions workshops, research presentations, and informal socials with faculty and graduate students.

The initiative was a great success, and will be repeated next year.

To learn more and apply:DiscoverUChicago
Discover UChicago

2015 Application deadline:
August 14, 2015


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